Building Houses: Passion, Pride & People


Ryan Designer Homes LogoPat and Petrina Ryan don’t just build houses. They build dreams, aspirations, memories and relationships.
In short, they build real homes. While Ryan Designer Homes has won more than 40 prestigious awards for their work to date, that’s not what drives them. And despite demand for their expertise, they don’t plan on changing their philosophy anytime soon. But there are some changes they will most definitely be taking on board. Known for their amazing high-end designs, they are seeing a shift in the market and this year will be offering design-and-builds from $350,000.
“Our high-end designs will still continue to be our core business but we also need to respond to changes in the industry,” Petrina said.

It’s important people know that we are approachable and are not scared to come and see us!”
“With every subdivision now we are seeing changes to requirements and it’s very important that we keep changing to meet those requirements,” said Pat. “Our focus is not just on building homes that look good, but designing houses that are liveable. T hat’s at the core of what we do.”

That subtle difference between Ryan Designer Homes and project builders is something Pat and Petrina realised soon after moving to Australia from New Zealand in 1999. And it’s a real point of difference.
“We had all these standard plans but we were not comfortable delivering them to people because they didn’t really meet their needs or simply were not suitable for the clients land,” said Pat.

builder-sunshine-coast“When you build a house it should meet all your needs and it should last. We build to the block.”
And that means considering how the house looks – but also how it ‘looks out’. For example, ensuring the home receives plenty of light and sun in winter. It’s when things like that are overlooked, Pat and Petrina believe, that people sell up and look for a new home as light in a home is essential to feeling good.
“If a house has good bones, it can be adapted over time to suit the owner’s needs. Houses without good bones end up being bulldozed and rebuilt,” READ FULL ARTICLE >>

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