Creating a Will: Things You Need to Know



Creating a Will: Things You Need to Know by McColm Matsinger Lawyers

When creating a Will for yourself the first time (yes, it is something you may do a few times in your life), there are a few things to consider.  This includes who are your beneficiaries, how you want your assets shared and who you want to manage (Executor) the distribution of your assets.

Getting this important document right will save time and money for all concerned.  Sadly, we have witnessed family disputes which arise due to poorly structured Wills and left permanent consequences.

making-a-willOur advice to anyone making a Will, is to take the time to plan the legal document correctly.  Consider how you want your family to understand your wishes at a particularly difficult time.  Emotions and money can be like oil and water – therefore, careful planning is key.

We have created an e-book to help you make a start on creating a Will.  If you would like a copy, simply DOWNLOAD a copy and when you are ready to take the next step, call (07) 5443 1800 or email  for help.

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