Spam Emails & Ransomware


What Damage can Spam Emails do to your Computers?


Are you tired of the increasing SPAM and Viruses you receive via email every day? Does it take up valuable time having to deal with them each day? Does it worry you that there could potentially be ransomware or hacking viruses in one of those emails, that any one of your staff could accidentally open? As an IT firm, it was a big concern for us for our clients, and we are always looking at solutions to protect our clients servers, computers and data.  It is important to have an effective email filtering and protection strategy that works.

Most businesses will get between 40 – 100+ SPAM messages a day per person and many look ‘safe’ but in fact have infected ransomware attachments that if clicked on could have encrypted our entire file system on the server and computers in your office.  Even with all the precautions and up-to-date anti-virus products, businesses can still have had their files and folders encrypted by ransomware.  Staff members may click on an email attachment and allowed the virus to infect their machines by mistake.  Reportedly, some businesses have paid an average of upwards of $3500 in ransom payments in order to get the ‘unlock’ key to get all their data back.  However, recent reports have shown that the cyber crooks are now taking the money but not decrypting the files – which is a massive problem.

So, ask yourself how would your business cope if you lost 100% of your files and folders including MYOB data, databases, spreadsheets etc?  What can you do to improve your chances of not getting randomware as SPAM?

The answer? After lots of research we found an excellent product called MPMail, also called ManageProtect, this is a cloud based service that scans 100% of your email before it gets anywhere near your system. For a graphical demonstration of exactly how it works, have a look at this link:

The cost? It costs only $4.40 per month (inc GST) per user with a 1 off charge of $148.50 (inc GST) to setup your entire company. Compare this to the cost of having a single ransomware encryption?  Working on an average of $2000.00 in ransom, in addition to a minimum of $1000.00 of lost productivity while it gets sorted out. $3000.00 will pay for MPMail\ManageProtect for a company with 10 users for 5 years!

Here is an example of 1 of our clients we have switched over to MPMail, judge for yourself whether the small cost is worth the protection it offers you 24 x 7 x 365. The thing that is important to know, is that emails that are rejected for being spam, or possibly infected with ransomware or malware, never even gets to your office server or your exchange server. It gets intercepted BEFORE it gets there, so the email that arrives at your server has already been scanned.

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