Rules of Engagement

Our group meets weekly with the structure that firstly welcomes all attending, an opportunity to introduce your business/product, a presentation by a member to the group, or guest speaker,  and we close with general business and acknowledgements

It has been agreed by the members that the format is informal and having some fun is important.  The group has very simple rules and that is, essentially to respect each other and the associated businesses.  However, to provide this in greater detail, here are some conditions or code of conduct that are required of group members:

  1. Attend punctually for each meeting (currently 7:15am start)
  2. Stay for the entire meeting unless special reason for leaving ( leaving while in the middle of thanking someone else can appear impolite)
  3. Speak respectfully to each member both when in the meetings and also when outside of the group
  4. If you have any issues with the group’s conduct – then it should be raised within the group
  5. Pay any invoice by the due date otherwise membership of the group may be temporarily or permanently suspended
  6. Any non-attendance for a period of greater than 4 weeks without prior notice, fair reason or reason deemed acceptable by the group may forfeit your membership
  7. Only one member per industry.  Any exceptions will only be with approval of the conflicted business member
  8. Failure to comply with group’s conditions may result in membership cancellation
  9. Refund of any fees will be at the group’s discretion
  10. Guests must be accepted by the current group president prior to attending
  11. Membership is by agreement that these terms will be met
  12. A three month probationary period applies to all members

If there are any conflicting or problematic situation, the ultimate decision lies with the Chair/Group Leader and Finance/Membership Officer.

The current positions are held by:

  1. Yasna Hawthorne – Chair / Group leader:            Phone 0418 544 406
  2. Tony Gray – Finance and Membership Officer:   Phone 0417 074 485
  3. Cassie Kinnear – Social Events Organiser

If you require any further information, please contact the above or CLICK HERE to complete an enquiry form.  Further details on costs and additional terms of membership are available upon request.

We are always looking for new members


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